pictures, spiderwebs of grain, selfish, hog every pixel where the curls, smiles, giggles should be. finger on the trashcan button and it no longer exists. erased.

cars, piles of metal, crunched. a fresh driver scared, forgot rain and speed don’t like to play together. the report hidden behind saleman’s back. totaled.

strawberries, squished and browned. moms like kids to eat them firm and ripe. knife to the kind of bad spots, garbage disposal blades to the really bad spots. molded.

hearts, souls old and wrinkled. new wrinkles cover old wrinkles, new scars blanket old scars. victim yesterday and the day before and the year before that, culprit today. broken.

but, salvaged is beautiful, beautiful is the salvaged. the old is made new, the new is shed of the old. broken restored, beaten mended, ugly redeemed. salvaged.

did we forget, beauty is not the opposite of ugly. It was ugly. It is ugly. but, this time, the Beholder chooses to see it as beautiful.